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CalFresh Healthy Living (CFHL) partners can promote the benefits of eating healthy snacks and drinking water by hosting a Day of Action! Read on to learn more.

You can do this by implementing Make Every Day Healthy Snack Day! and/or Make Every Day Rethink Your Drink Day! as a safe in-person or virtual event that utilizes the many resources available from the California Department of Public Health’s (CDPH) CFHL program.

For more information about hosting a Day of Action, please watch the webinars under the Virtual Event Resources and Event Box Resources sections on the resources page.

What is Make Every Day Healthy Snack Day and Make Every Day Rethink Your Drink Day?

Make Every Day Healthy Snack Day! focuses on how healthy snacking can be simple and affordable and Make Every Day Rethink Your Drink Day! raises awareness about the health benefits of drinking water instead of sugar-sweetened beverages. Both are opportunities to encourage your local community to take small steps toward making positive and healthy behavior changes.

What will a Day of Action entail?

Safe in-person events involve sharing materials such as the Snack Recipe Cards and Beverage Tip Cards, and providing attendees with messages about the importance of healthy snacks and beverages. If the host chooses to hold the event online, virtual events can include creating and sharing videos of activities and recipe demonstrations and/or hosting webinars to engage your community in a live setting. Zoom and Facebook are just two of many virtual platforms that can be used for your virtual events.
Host guidelines, talking points, activity guides, sample recipes and resources for planning a safe in-person or virtual Day of Action event are available on our resources page.

Who do I contact if my staff or I have more questions about Virtual Days of Action?

For questions, please contact